The Interior Life, a Path of Freedom

by Marcel Légaut
Emeritus Professor of Rennes University, Faculty of Sciences

The subject of this talk may lead me to repeat what I have already said in my books and elsewhere. I am changing the title and the wrapping, but, in the last analysis, I have but one thing to say. And I will say it in the homely atmosphere of a discussion, a sharing of views.
My title, then, is "the interior life", or rather "interiority"; "a path of freedom", or better still "the path of our freedom".
I shall not begin by defining the word "interiority", for the whole of my talk will be an attempt to unfold its meaning.
Freedom, as you know, is an infinitely delicate word, for people may have little to say about interiority, but freedom is a much discussed topic. And like so many commodities that are affected by inflation, it easily loses its value. So I must very clearly define my concept of freedom.

1. Two Levels of Freedom

2. Progressing towards Freedom of Being
2.1. Our Reasons for Action Must be Rooted in Us
2.2. Obeying Our Own Inner Demands

3. Aspects of Inner Development

4. Freedom of Being, Creative of Presence

5. Discussion

ed. Lumen Vitae, 1976.

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