His life
Marcel Légaut (1900-1990), dipl. from "Ecole Normale Superieure", mathematics teacher, left at forty his university status to live as a peasant in Diois mountains (Drôme). He stayed all his life as a researcher.  His life and works offer the testimony of an out of common experience and open readers to renewed spiritual life opportunities in our modern times.
University teacher at Nancy, Rennes and Lyon, he first animated numerous spiritual groups in the university world, in his life period marked by decisive meetings: Father Portal, french philosoph Gabriel Marcel, Teilhard de Chardin, Edouard Le Roy...

War experience will mark him deeply. It shows him how intellectuals, as him, can be disarmed when they are confronted to cruel life realities.
At forty years old, the call of interiority and spiritual life push Marcel Légaut to abandon protected life of university teacher. He mary and the couple decide to live mountain peasant existence in an isolated farm in High-Diois  (Drôme). Légaut join farmer and sheepherder tasks with family father ones ( they had six children ), following a demanding spiritual activity, sometimes with friends in his hamlet, and at the time of the retirement at Mirmande (Drôme), where is the main office of the cultural association bearing nowadays his name.
Marcel Légaut carried painfuly his Church but in hope. After twenty years of silent fidelity, Marcel Légaut perceived necessity to tell what he was living and to bear witness to his life: then will develop an oeuvre reflecting an atypical itinerary of a free man  :
To be faithful to the inner call ascending in oneself  to more humanity, that is the first bearing of spirituality in search for essence. This way allows indeed to approach the mystery that everyone is to oneself, the mystery of alterity, and the mystery of God.

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